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The Network Marketing Wealth Mastery System has been designed to position you as a leader in the network marketing niche that will attract the right kind of prospects in your organization.

The perpetual marketing funnel, which is at the heart of the system, will give you an edge in sponsoring new prospects that are serious about building a sustainable network marketing business

This knowledge based system will help you build relationships, provide training to your team and build leadership within your organization

If you are serious about changing the financial outcome of your life and build a sustainable lifestyle business that gives you multiple streams of residual income with minimum effort then Network Marketing Wealth Mastery System is what you need.

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Why People Fail in Network Marketing?

Network marketing is perhaps the most misunderstood and the most controversial concept of wealth creation. It generates strong emotions. Most of us were invited to a fancy presentation and got excited with the prospect of working from home, firing our boss, no office politics or commuting to work. There was also no cap on the income potential. The prospect of generating great amount passive income excited us as it would give us time with our families, travel the world and pursue our other fantasies. It was better than any retirement plan or job security. It could be started part time with minimal start-up costs.

There were dreams in our eyes of a better future. But then what happened... Reality broke through. We suffered rejection from our friends and families. Our recruiting drive never took off. We never saw those fancy checks coming into our bank accounts. What happened? Were we lied to by persons who sponsored us or were they also victim of the same lies.

On the other hand, why are so many well-known and respected leaders and educators like Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, Robert G Allen staking their reputation by strongly advocating network marketing? Is Warren Buffet who has donated 97% of his wealth to charity, investing in network marketing companies that have an interest of hundreds of thousands of distributors at stake, misleading people.

What then is the truth? Were you lied to when you joined a network marketing company? Why did you fail? Did you not work hard enough but still failed? Were you not smart enough to do this business? Did you look yourself in the mirror and call yourself "LOSER" when you failed?

If you are struggling and making no headway in your network marketing business then you have come to the right place. Today we will show you a new way of building your business that is revolutionizing the direct sales and network marketing industry. After research and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, we have created a state of the art system to duplicate the results of the highest income earners in any network marketing company.

Network Marketing is not a Recruiting Business

Most people fail in network marketing because they have been told by their upline to Recruit, Recruit and Recruit. For them, it is a numbers game. If you don't recruit then some else will. It is a race against time. You are told that if you recruit in large numbers then some will stick and by law of average a few leaders will emerge. Most people fall prey to this myth. Nothing can be further from the truth.

What most people don't understand is that network marketing is a mentoring, teaching and relationship building business. A recruiter is interested only in numbers. The sponsor, on the other hand, takes upon himself the responsibility for the growth and the welfare of the person he has sponsored. To succeed you have to teach others to succeed. Before that you have to learn how to succeed first.

People who treat their network a number never succeed in this business. To build a lifestyle residual business, you have to learn the art of LEVERAGING. Without leveraging, you will be working 80 hours a week with no results. To leverage you have to Sponsor, Sponsor, Sponsor... And... Retain, Retain, Retain. It is better to have 5 leaders in your business who can replicate your success of teaching and mentoring others than recruit hundreds of people who will drop out within a short span of time.

Building a Sustainable Network is Incredibly Hard

Another reason why people drop out of network marketing after the initial euphoria of dreaming about firing their boss, spending time with their family and travelling around the world wears off is because they find creating a sustainable network incredibly hard. They have to make appointments, do 3 way calls, drive around and make presentations every night after a tiring day at work. On weekends, there are presentations by the leaders where you have to virtually drag your prospects to attend. On many occasions, you find yourself stranded because the prospect does not turn up for the presentation and not even have the curtsey to inform you. Then there are product training seminars. These presentations cost time, effort and money.

It does not stop here. To succeed in this business, you have to build relationships with your prospects. Training and mentoring your team is immensely time consuming. You need effort and knowledge to develop leadership within your organization to create a sustainable network.

Building a sustainable organization requires a huge amount of physical and mental energy. When starting out most people are doing it on a part time basis. After a day's hard work they have to spend time away from their family to build their network marketing business. This is definitely not what they bargained for when they joined the business. You can't call this a lifestyle business. Instead of spending time with their family and following their dreams they are now caught in the life of daily drudgery.

Growth and Maintenance

Most people joining a network marketing business do not understand the difference between growth and maintenance aspect of a business. Growth is when you are exploring new avenues of business or expanding your existing business. Maintenance is the time spent on sustaining your existing business. If the business, you join has very high maintenance in terms of time, cost and effort then your growth will suffer. This is not good for your business. To grow you need time freedom to explore new thoughts and ideas.

By joining low maintenance business opportunities you give yourself a chance to join more than one network marketing company and create multiple streams of residual income. In today's uncertain times, it is very important to create multiple streams of income. It eliminates the risk. Even your job is not secure these days as many have learnt during these hard times. If the maintenance aspect of a business is high, then you will find it extremely hard to join more than one business. To succeed you have to join business opportunities that offer very high growth but have very low maintenance.

Retention Rates

The retention rate of affiliates in the majority of network marketing companies ranges between 8% to 15%. You keep sponsoring new affiliates and whilst the old ones keep dropping out. It is an endless process and your effort never ceases. It is simply too hard to build a sustainable network with such high dropout rates. Luckily there are business opportunities that have retention rates in excess of 90%. If you can find and join these companies then your effort in building your network becomes extremely easy.

Importance of Cash Flow

Most affiliates when they join network marketing business are attracted by the residual earning aspect of the business. This is great because residual income is very important. What most people fail to understand is the importance of cash flow. It is cash flow that pays your bills and gives you lifestyle. Cash flow also pays the cost of running your business. Without cash flow you cannot sustain or expand your business. Business expansion requires marketing that needs loads of money. No one can sustain a business which is supported by money out of their pockets. It starts to hurt. No wonder most people drop out after a few months.

So the key to success in network marketing is to find businesses that not only give you residual income in the long term as you build your network but also give high cash flow that is needed to sustain and grow your business. Without cash flow your business will die.

It is strange that people join network marketing businesses where companies pay only 5- 25% of the profits depending upon the rank achieved by the affiliate. A new affiliate only earns at the lower end of the scale which is normally less than 10% commission. Can anyone sustain his business with such pittance of payments? After few months of paying out of their pockets most affiliates drop out. I simply cannot blame them because a business is supposed to pay you and not you shell out your hard earned money to sustain your business. This is recipe for failure.

Fortunately there are companies that are willing to pay you 50-100% commissions for your effort in promoting their products and services. If you join such companies, you generate huge cash flow within days of joining the business. You also reach break-even point and recoup your initial investment within days if not months of joining the business. Once you recover your initial investment you become risk free.


Why is it that some people are able sponsor hundreds of affiliates into the network marketing business while others find it hard to sponsor even one person into their organization? The secret lies in 'Positioning'. To succeed in network marketing, you have to position yourself as a LEADER so that prospects gravitate towards you. Once you are perceived as a leader, you will never have to chase anyone to join your business. Then people will start chasing you to join your organization. This is the secret of a successful network marketer.

The problem is how to position yourself as a leader when you are starting out in your business. Because most people lack credibility they fall back on the easy option of borrowing credibility of their upline leadership. They promote their upline leaders instead of themselves. As a result, success eludes them even further.

Network Marketing and Internet

Internet has changed rules of the game. The traditional style of network marketing is dead. It is simply too hard and does not work for over 90% of the prospects who join the business and drop out. The new generation of network marketers is internet savvy and can create lifestyle incomes with minimum time and effort.

It is now possible to build very large networks within a very short period of time using the internet. It is possible to automate the whole process of lead generation, training, relationship building and leadership training by using correct systems. You can work in your pajamas and never call a prospect. The principles of network marketing have not changed. Internet has changed the method of doing business which is now simplified and effortless.

Then why are affiliates still struggling when most companies have websites to promote their business? Unfortunately most of the internet marketing companies have not figured out how business is conducted on the internet. Most companies give you an affiliate link with a fancy video about the state of the economy and how selling their innovative product will help you escape the rat race and fulfill your dreams of driving a Ferrari or owning a beach house. They think that by simply giving an affiliate website with a fancy video will help you create a successful online business.

We all fall prey to these slick video presentations and join an opportunity without any analysis. What happens thereafter? Most people don't know how to drive traffic to the replicated landing page which thousands of others are promoting on the internet. They have no marketing plan, strategy or a sales funnel. In frustration, they fall back upon the warm market and it is the same old drudgery of showing the plan and 3 way telephone calls with their sponsor.

Building a network marketing business on the internet is an exact science. Not every MLM product or company is suited for internet business. Most people join the wrong company and promote products that are not suited for marketing on the internet.

Introducing Network Marketing Wealth Mastery System

By joining our team at Network Marketing Wealth Mastery, you will learn the right method of building a successful online business. You will also get access to our system to leverage your time, effort and money. We are confident that with the help of our system, you will be able to earn life changing monthly income in less than 90 days.

The Network Marketing Wealth Mastery System can help automate 90% of your network marketing operations. It will help you create multiple streams of residual income with minimum effort. If you are to succeed in network marketing, you will need a system. Every successful business is built around a system. If you look behind every successful network marketer who has built an organization you will find a system that can be duplicated easily by the team. The secret of your success lies in the system.

Without a system, there is no leveraging and without leveraging there is no lifestyle business. If you are serious about succeeding in the network marketing business, then you will need a system. Without a system, you will be wasting your time, energy and frustrating yourself.

The state of the art Network Marketing Wealth Mastery System that we have created will position you as a leader in the network marketing niche because it will provide incredible value to the affiliates you sponsor into your business. It will also provide you with a perpetual marketing sales funnel that will filter out the tyre kickers so that you can interact with only the most qualified prospects. Our system is designed for relationship building, leadership and team building training. Most importantly the system is designed to drive free traffic to your website.

Once prospects see you living a lifestyle of their dreams and also make money that exceeds their expectations, they will fall over themselves to join your organization. Your success will inspire others to join your team. The system will help qualified prospects gravitate towards you as a leader.

Network Marketing Wealth Mastery System has been designed for your success. It is not a replicating system that promotes the originator of the system to become a market leader through your efforts. This program promotes you as a leader and builds your network.

To summarize by joining the Network Marketing Wealth Mastery Team you will get access to the following business building tools that will virtually guarantee your success in building a sustainable lifestyle business:

  • A business system that positions you as a leader in the network marketing niche
  • Perpetual sales funnel to generate qualified leads into your business
  • Viral blogging platform to generate free traffic to your website and capture leads
  • Mentoring and relationship building system that is critical to you building a successful and sustainable network.
  • Home office business and communication center from where you can monitor every aspect of your business.
  • Hundreds of hours of video training on traffic generation. This is critical to your online success. You will never have to buy a training course again.
  • Access to well researched, low maintenance and high growth business opportunities that will help you create multiple streams of residual income in quick time. Each of these programs has a high cash flow and affiliate retention component. These businesses are real sticky. Meaning when your affiliates make money they will never leave your organization.

The best part is that the prospects you sponsor into the business will also have the opportunity to use the same marketing system to succeed as leaders in their business and help you build a solid and sustainable network marketing organization.

We have taken care of each and every technical aspect of wealth building. All you have to do is plug into our system and start making money that will turn around your financial future. This is a no hype system that will attract only serious marketers.

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